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2019 Classes and Workshops


Reiki Master Classes January 2019 TBD

Energetic Facelift and Day SPA Class - Spring 2019 Date TBD




 Reiki Level I Class
JANUARY 2019 Day and Time TBD
The Level I Training is an introduction to the basic principles and healing methods of traditional Usui Reiki.  
With Reiki You will Learn: 
Hands on Healing of Self and Others, allowing for Less Pain and Suffering   Keys for  a Stress Free life.  Clearing and Balancing the Body’s Energy Centers  

  Course Description:

In Japanese, this degree is called “Shoden” or beginning level. The basic Reiki principles and methods for treating various ailments in oneself and others are taught. You receive attunements to the Reiki I energy and learn to give a complete Reiki treatment for yourself. The agenda consists of:

* Attunement to the Reiki I energy
* The Reiki hand positions
* The 5 principles of Reiki
* Auras, Chakras & their meanings
* The History of Reiki
* Reiki energy techniques
* Group Reiki and practice time
* Guided meditations.
* The Self Reiki Energy Booster

Reiki level I, deals mainly with the self-healing process and the recognition of one’s own healing potential. Reiki I is used for PHYSICAL healing of self
To Register:  Call the Aquarian Crystal Gallery at 804-257-5575 to save your seat.

Contact Aquarian Bookshop to register




Reiki Level II

Practitioner Certification Class

Spring, 2019 10-6pm. Aquarian Bookshop

Feel free to contact JR with any questions.   

The Level II Training takes you deeper into the Usui healing system, enables you to connect to a greater volume of Reiki energy, taking self deeper into the emotional and spiritual healing aspects, as taught in traditional Reiki. Allowing self as a reiki healer to step into the realm of Professional Wellness Practitioner…

Experience and Receive:

· The Secret Reiki Symbols and How to use them

· Emotional and Mental Healing Techniques

· Clearing and Healing Karma

· Distance Healing (by-passing Time and Space) Various Techniques taught. 

· Increase in Your Energy Potency—Raising Your Vibration!

Contact Aquarian Bookshop to register804-353-5575

In this class you’ll learn the healing Reiki symbols, and how to draw them with your mind's eye or hand, and also learn which symbol to use for various healing situations. You will receive your Reiki II Attunement, opening yourself up to a much more heightened vibratory level, taking your healing and that of your clients to the next level.

You’ll learn and experience techniques for sensing the flow of energy within the client. By using these techniques and your own developing inner senses, you can better determine where Reiki should be directed, and what’s being released by the client, heightening even your own intuitive abilities.

You’ll explore other uses of Reiki in class, such as incorporating Reiki energy for healing with crystals, house clearings, sealing auric leaks and even how to release negative behavior patterns (such as addictions) with the Reiki system.


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